 Measures: Number of objectives fulfilled, results of climate surveys, diversity of upcoming matriculated classes, number of students serving in pipeline initiatives, number of collaborations formed  Responsible: TFRE, VPSA, CSTEP, Office of Admissions, NOA/NOSA, IA Office Goal 7: Provide a safe space for members to anonymously report incidents on campus Objective: Revamp the SafeInSight app to allow follow-up when incidents are reported anonymously and increase visibility  Emphasize utilization of app through multiple channels (i.e. within the classroom, online, etc.)  Update app to allow email encryption for those who want to remain anonymous but allow HR to follow-up for more information and ensure closure of report o Measure: # of incidents reported with appropriate follow-up o Responsible: UPD, HR, Student Affairs Goal 8: Promote mental health resources for students Objective: Endorse a ProjectLETS chapter through the Wellness Committee (student-led group) to create Peer Mental Health Advocates (PMHAs) who will provide support to fellow students  Offer Wellness Committee assistance with any fundraising or promotion as necessary through IA; more information once chapter is formed o Measure: # of students/faculty/staff utilizing PMHA resources o Responsible: Wellness Committee, Student Affairs, IA Office

FINAL REPORT: Task Force on Race and Equity


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