MSCHE Evaluation Report May 2021

Team Report (Self-Study Evaluation)

Page 9

Standard III: Design and Delivery of the Student Learning Experience

An institution provides students with learning experiences that are characterized by rigor and coherence of all program, certificate, and degree levels, regardless of instructional modality. All learning experiences, regardless of modality, program pace/schedule, and setting are consistent with higher education expectations.

In the team’s judgment, the institution appears to meet this standard.

This judgment is based on a review of the self-study report, evidence, and interviews with institutional constituencies to clarify information and verify compliance during the self-study evaluation team visit. Summary of Findings In the Self-Study two strategic priorities are addressed related to Standard III: (1) Enhance the student experience through programs that promotes student and alumni success, and (2) Deliver a Dynamic curriculum that engages students and advances contemporary optometry. Those two institutional priorities align with two goals from the College’s Strategic Plan 2013- 2018, and new Strategic Plan 2018-2023. Doctor of Optometry (OD) The professional program leading to the Doctor of Optometry (OD) at the SUNY College of Optometry is four years in duration. Professional learning objectives and core clinical competencies are the basis for curriculum design and development. The curriculum integrates the basic biological and vision sciences that form the foundation of clinical practice, teaches the fundamentals of optometry and develops critical thinking for patient care and clinical decision making. The Curriculum uses various teaching, delivery, and assessment methods for effective patient care. Patient care begins early and continues throughout all four years of the program with increasing responsibilities under the supervision of our clinical faculty at the University Eye Center (UEC) as well as through a minimum of two quarters during the fourth year at externship sites nationally and internationally. Student learning experiences are designed, delivered and assessed by qualified faculty. The College employs about 73 full-time and 33 part-time paid faculty for a total of 81.08 full-time equivalent (FTE). This number does not include additional 12 attending ophthalmologist in the University Eye Center. Faculty members have academic qualifications appropriate for their responsibilities. The quantity of faculty members is sufficient to allow the College meet its educational, research and service mission. All academic programs of study are accurately described in the official publications of the Institution (Catalog, SUNY Optometry-GCVR Graduate Policy document, Student Handbook, Externship Manual, Electives Catalog, Doctoral Student Handbook, among others). Learning opportunities are diverse for the institution’s programs and for student’s academic progress. A variety of teaching and assessment methods are used such as written quizzes, formal examinations, laboratory practical examinations, integrative seminars, video materials, clinical

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