MSCHE Evaluation Report May 2021

Team Report (Self-Study Evaluation)

Page 24

professional experience consistent with the mission of the organization and has the authority and autonomy required to fulfill the responsibilities of the position in attaining the goals and objectives established in the College’s mission statement. Interviews conducted during the virtual site visit indicate the availability of a sufficient number of qualified administrators to enable the Chancellor and the College President to discharge their duties effectively. They have well-established procedures for assessing the organization's efficiency and effectiveness. This supporting evidence for the legally constituted governing body is address in College’s response to Requirements for Affiliation #1 in the evidence inventory. The State University of New York was created by statute, Ch. 695 L. 1948, the provisions of which are set forth in the Education Law, Art. 8. The College of Optometry operates under the guidance of New York State Education Law, Article 143: Optometry. The operation of SUNY College of Optometry, as is the case for all campuses of the University, is informed by a College Council, whose function is described in the New York State Education Law Section 356. Open and candid communication between administration and faculty, staff and students, is a high priority. An important vehicle of communication is the bi-monthly college electronic newsletter FY EYE. College-wide meetings are convened three to four times per year. At the beginning of each Academic Year, performance expectations are negotiated between individual members of senior management and the President and are formalized using the Performance Program Form link to Strategic Plan goals and objectives. All senior management appointments are highly qualified with credentials and professional experience to fulfil their roles and responsibilities. The periodic assessment of the leadership and administration is guided by the College Assessment Plan. It was noted in the Assessment Plan and supporting documentation that the Committee on Institutional Research and Planning and President’s Council have been monitoring the effectiveness of the College’s assessment process. This assessment then becomes the basis upon which the Performance Program form is completed on applicable team members. As part of the College’s strategic planning ongoing process, established outcome measures are reviewed with the goal of ensuring that relevant and actionable data are utilized to assess the new strategic plan. Collegial Advice The institution might consider assisting the College Council in advancing its own periodic self-assessment tool that recognizes its effectiveness in governance. 

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