Eyes on New York - Reframed Journal

Eyes on Rising Stars Award Winner

Jessica & Ella-Jane Darcy Founders, Funoogles

When Ella-Jane opened her eyes one morning, something had changed. The glasses she loved so much had grown too familiar. Why couldn’t she have something of her own creation? She wished for eyewear that would match her style and mood every single day. Ella-Jane was born with a congenital Cataract, a disease that would try to claim the vision in her right eye. At just 5 years old, she had endured a procedure to ensure that her sight wouldn’t be lost forever. Funoogles doesn’t just give children the ability to choose and interchange the color and style of their glasses. It gives them a way to express creativity, assert individuality and boost self-esteem. Just as importantly, it gives parents an affordable way to keep their kids in fashion. Our products are designed in America, but our purpose spans the globe. With a little imagination, a lot of fun, and the help of the like-hearted, our hope is to reach children across the world who lack access to proper eye care. Today, Ella-Jane lives happily in New York with her father, her older sister and brother, and her mother, Jessica Darcy, the creator and president of Funoogles.

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