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Eyes on Leadership Award Winner

Eva Kosanovic President, Keeler USA

Ms. Kosanovic is the President and Board Member of Keeler USA, a division of the Keeler Group, one of the largest operating companies within Halma Ltd. Keeler USA provides solutions and services to Optometrists and Ophthalmologists throughout the Americas, designing, developing and supplying diagnostic, surgical and treatment products for the purpose of creating a world without vision loss. Since taking over in 2015, Eva has integrated two sister companies, Accutome, and Visiometrics into the product profile of Keeler USA. The integration of the Accutome clinical and diagnostic lines has increased her team fourfold with manufacturing capabilities. Visiometrics HDA, most recently integrated into the portfolio, is a device used to qualify the vision quality objectively and detects dry eye in patients. Prior to taking over from David Keeler, the grandson of the company founder, Eva was responsible for International Sales and Business Development at Apollo, the largest safety company within the same group – growing the business exponentially within EMEA, India and Asia Pac. She took that responsibility after spearheading the single biggest new business and product development at Apollo for the USA market. Eva graduated from University of Portsmouth, England in 2000 with First Honors degree in Mechanical and Manufacturing Systems Engineering. She earned her MBA from University of Southampton in 2015. Obtaining a Blackbelt in Lean Six Sigma training, she led many operations and system improvements projects worldwide during her first role at ITT Industries. She recently finished the prestigious, Harvard Business School YPO Presidents’ Program. During her career, Eva has established successful business benchmarks and fruitful relationships within new industry sectors, ranging from Aerospace, Telecom, Data, Infrastructure and Safety to Medical Device industry. She was born and raised in the Former Yugoslavia (Bosnia) where music, dance and culture were a staple. Upon moving to England with her family at the age of 14, Eva continued her passions of playing piano and composing/performing in many grand establishments in London. Eva now lives in Philadelphia and loves every minute of it. As an avid foodie and active member of the ping pong league and YPO Philadelphia Chapter, Philadelphia proves to be a perfect fit. With easy access to West Coast, Central/LA America and Europe, once per month trips seem to be the norm. Warning, don’t challenge her to a game of ping pong, you will lose.

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