DIMP 2.0

Although issues of race and equity are longstanding, increased recognition of these issues from 2020 to present as society comes to terms with the effect that structural racism has on the psychological and physical health of people in America. This is also in alignment with the goals of the more recent “Taskforce on Race and Equity (TFRE) Report” (released in 2020) which addressed race and ethnicity directly. This diversity and inclusion master plan will build on both documents to create a comprehensive framework for success. Finally, SUNY Optometry is part of the largest comprehensive public university system in America. A dedication to diversity has been baked into the fabric of these institutions from the SUNY original mission statement below: “The mission of the state university s ystem shall be to provide the people of New York educational services of the highest quality, with the broadest possible access, fully representative of all segments of the population in a complete range of academic, professional, and vocational postsecondary programs including such additional activities in pursuit of these objectives as are necessary or customary” The administration at the SUNY system level has reiterated its commitment to the pursuit of diverse and inclusive campuses, in the release of the “ SUNY Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Phase One Action Plan. ” Released in February of this year, the report detailed immediate steps to be taken to improve campus climate, increase diversity among other action items. The achievement of these goals will require equity-minded interventions that directly uplift and support marginalized communities. The ultimate continuing goal is to have those in our campus community have a sense of belonging and commitment to the college. DIMP 2.0 Mission Statement “To promote and enhance diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of the College operations, and to foster a culture of shared responsibility and belonging”

This report is divided into 3 parts: PART I Education & workforce : Analysis of education and the workforce in the profession of optometry. This will include current demographics of the optometry students and residents, practicing optometrists and those in academic optometry with an emphasis on race and ethnicity.

PART II Progress to date: Using DIMP 1.0 as a

PART III Summary of Findings, Goals and Key Metrics

reference, this section will assess progress on goals and outline strengths and

Using national and institutional data, this section will include findings of the plan, goals, and strategies to address them and the key metrics we will use to assess progress. The analysis and recommendations from the following four subcommittees will be included in this section: i. Community Engagement ii. Student, faculty and staff diversity and inclusion iii. Professional and Graduate programs iv. Patient Care

weaknesses of the College’s current

strategies for advancing principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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