DIMP 2.0

• Strategy 1 - Improve training and learning opportunities for faculty and staff to be well versed in topics required to teach and serve an increasingly diverse population • Strategy 2 – Implement new educational methods to provide interactive education that models desired behavior to fellow students, faculty, staff, and patients at the College

5. To expand and strengthen community partnerships to better serve our diverse population.

• Strategy 1 - Tap into the SUNY alumni network and other affiliated groups to see how they can expand SUNY’s reach in diverse communities • Strategy 2 – Strengthen partnerships with in-house healthcare professional programs to promote interprofessional education and diverse learning styles • Strategy 3 – Increase optometric awareness in underserved communities through the provision of eye care and health educational programs

6. To create a sustainable model that incorporates the principles of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging into all aspects of the College

• Strategy 1 - Capitalize on local and national initiatives including grants and workshops that promote diversity and inclusion • Strategy 2 - Establish scholarly activity and educational processes that integrate the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion into routine College practices • Strategy 3 – Commit to providing adequate resources to diversity related initiatives to demonstrate support for the continued advancement in diversity, equity, and inclusion

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