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2018–2025 Strategic Plan

Our Mission

The State University of New York College of Optometry advances visual health and patient care through leadership in education, research and service.

Our Institutional Values

Leadership We develop leaders and scholars in education, research and patient care. Professionalism We conduct ourselves with integrity and civility, and embrace evidence-based practice and lifelong learning. Inquiry We support discovery and understanding through basic, translational and clinical research.

Innovation We foster an environment that promotes creativity in optometric education, research and patient care. Diversity We respect the dignity of all individuals and value their unique cultural traditions and perspectives. Service We enhance public heath by making the highest quality patient care accessible to a broad range of communities.

Student-Centered Experience

Goal 1: Enhance the student experience through programs that promote student and alumni success

1.1 Deliver a curriculum that reflects contemporary optometric practice and subspecialties, anticipates future changes and is flexible enough to respond to changes in the health care system 1.2 Provide students with a strong foundation for clinical care of basic and advanced optometric conditions while supporting them to develop the communication and cognitive skills needed for evidence-based patient care 1.3 Provide microcredentials in clinical concentrations beyond the core educational experience 1.4 Provide students with facilities, support and resources for deep, integrated and active learning throughout the curriculum

1.5 Enhance the student experience through customized opportunities for individual development and success 1.6 Provide support services to students to promote their emotional and physical well-being 1.7 Continue to develop and engage in international programs and opportunities as appropriate 1.8 Facilitate opportunities for students, residents, and alumni, including recent graduates, to access and activate the College’s relationship capital for career development and professional success

4 SUNY OPTOMETRY 2018–2025

Academic Excellence

Goal 2: Deliver a dynamic curriculum that engages students and advances contemporary optometry 2.1 Define and implement a core curriculum that teaches the foundation needed for entry-level contemporary optometric practice efficiently and effectively 2.2 Identify and develop several concentrations in advanced optometric practice aligned with residency and AAO Diplomate advanced competency training tracks 2.3 Pilot and implement, if successful, a series of content progress examinations for the formative assessment of student learning and teaching effectiveness 2.4 Support faculty development and implementation of innovative teaching strategies that improve student engagement and learning 2.5 Create or refine training experiences at the University Eye Center (UEC) and externship sites that emphasize evidence-based practice in primary care optometry and provide experience in areas of advanced care/ competency (subspecialties) 2.6 Review and reform UEC-based residency programs to lead in the adoption of Advanced Competency-

based program design in anticipation of and alignment with developing subspecialties within the profession of optometry 2.7 Prepare students and residents who are equipped to care for a diverse patient base (DIMP 2.0 – Goal 3) — Ensure that learning objectives in basic science and clinical courses address, as appropriate, to the course material, social determinants of health — Develop curricular learning objectives related to culturally sensitive communication with patients and assess student skills in meeting these objectives

Goal 3: Grow the graduate and research programs to increase the institutional impact on the advancement of knowledge and to produce leaders in vision research (basic, translational and clinical)

3.1 Expand funded basic, translational and clinical research to increase opportunities for graduate students (OD MS, Residency-Graduate program and PhD) to carry out mentored research in active laboratories 3.2 Continue to expand clinical research activity and clinical faculty involvement opportunities through the Clinical Vision Research Center

3.3 Reorganize the OD-PhD program to include elements of the Advanced Standing OD and Residency-Graduate programs so as to develop a track for clinician scientists and increase clinical research productivity 3.4 Engage universities in the New York City metropolitan area, including SUNY and CUNY campuses, to expand collaborative educational and research opportunities



Service to Our Patients and Community

Goal 4: Deliver unparalleled care to our University Eye Center patients

4.1 Increase access (affordability, availability, accessibility, accommodation and acceptability) to current UEC services and expand services as appropriate to meet the needs of our patients and educational programs 4.2 Improve the quality of care — Continue integration of new and emerging technologies into patient care — Increase emphasis on best practices and evidence based medicine — Expand use of interdisciplinary, team-based care (collaborative practice) strategies — Improve care coordination and patient advocacy programs — Expand patient access to educational information about their eye care, health and health-related behaviors 4.3 Develop strategies to enhance the patient experience and increase patient satisfaction — Develop additional methods for patients to provide feedback about the services we provide and the care they receive — Implement training programs to improve efficiency and the patient experience — Streamline patient flow within the clinic — Facilitate the exchange of patient information between providers and with patients via patient portals and health information exchanges — Ensure that all clinical services are provided in a culturally sensitive manner 4.4 Educate the college community on cultural humility and sensitivity and empower them to apply those principles to patient care and provide clinical services in a culturally sensitive manner (DIMP 2.0 – Goal 4) 4.5 Enhance the visibility and positioning of the UEC across communication and outreach channels

— Increase awareness in the medical community about the services we provide and how we can complement the care of other professionals — Create a positive narrative for the UEC across digital media channels, highlighting the successes of the college in clinical research and patient care services to the community — Develop communications strategies to enhance visibility of the UEC and the services offered which improve access to care for the uninsured and underinsured 4.6 Improve operations to enhance the quality of care and patient healthcare outcomes — Ensure operational consistency with reporting and reimbursement models under health care reform — Explore and expand, as indicated, the use of ancillary personnel to improve efficiency and patient satisfaction

6 SUNY OPTOMETRY 2018–2025

Goal 5: Provide service to the greater community

5.1 Expand and strengthen community partnerships to better serve our diverse population (DIMP 2.0 – Goal 5) — Expand outreach programs for medically underserved population

— Expand relationships with key health care organizations and continue efforts to increase the College’s footprint in the New York metropolitan area 5.2 Support and facilitate student involvement in service learning projects, locally, nationally and internationally

Community and People

Goal 6: Cultivate an institutional culture that encourages a sense of community, inclusion, institutional pride, collective purpose and shared responsibility

6.1 Develop mechanisms for enhanced internal and external communication that expand awareness of our mission, programs and achievements through the dissemination of accurate and transparent information 6.2 Integrate into the hiring and performance review processes an increased recognition of institutional commitment and demonstration of shared responsibility

6.3 Develop collaborative clinical, research and public service programs for faculty, staff and students that emphasize collective purpose and institutional mission 6.4 Build a diverse, inclusive and equitable community by implementing the recommendations of the Diversity and Inclusion Master Plan(s) (DIMP 2.0) 6.5 Provide leadership opportunities and develop succession plans for major areas of the College

Goal 7: Promote the growth and development of all members of the College community

7.1 Increase professional development opportunities for faculty, staff and administrators 7.2 Develop and provide formal training programs for new faculty to succeed in their roles as educators and scholars at the College 7.3 Continue to recruit and retain talented faculty, staff and students who enhance the College’s ethnic, cultural and experiential diversity (DIMP 2.0 – Goal 1) 7.4 Create and foster a culture of inclusion and belonging for all people (DIMP 2.0 – Goal 2) — To increase the number of students and faculty from underrepresented minoritized communities in our student body and academic workforce

8 SUNY OPTOMETRY 2018–2025

Effective Foundational Support

Goal 8: Attract the brightest and most motivated students with demonstrated leadership potential

8.1 Enroll a highly qualified, diverse and engaged student body that will contribute to a vibrant community — Increase awareness of the optometry profession among health care advisors and prospective students through continued development of pipeline programs — Continue to improve the quality of all application/ admissions stage experiences — Continue to make leadership potential, civic engagement and reflective thinking explicit criteria for admission to the professional program — Further develop recruitment strategies to better attract and enroll underrepresented minoritized (URM) and economically disadvantaged students to bring the College’s URM enrollment profile in line with that of medical schools nationally

8.2 Make the College a destination of choice for underrepresented students (DIMP 2.0 – Goal 1) 8.3 Ensure the affordability of the Doctor of Optometry degree program — Maintain competitive tuition and fees while keeping graduate debt below the national average for schools and colleges of optometry — Identify and increase scholarship opportunities for incoming and enrolled students to expand merit and need based awards (Continued...)

8.4 Develop effective communications strategies for attracting and engaging prospective students — Leverage digital media to attract and enroll prospective students

8.5 Expand data driven decision making in the admission process through the ongoing evaluation of the pre- and post-admissions factors that predict academic and clinical success 8.6 Further develop advanced standing OD programs for internationally trained scientists, physicians and optometrists

— Allocate resources toward high yield and strategically important markets and reach to secondary and tertiary markets through a mix of traditional, digital and armchair recruitment initiatives — Highlight alumni success stories in recruitment programs — Recruit, activate and support alumni who volunteer as admissions ambassadors

Goal 9: Provide the financial foundation, administrative support and environment to achieve the College’s mission

9.1 Ensure healthy mix of revenue and funding sources 9.2 Invest in infrastructure, including the following priorities to be completed by 2025: — Complete renovation of two of the floors devoted to UEC patient care — Buildout the facilities needed for the College’s CVRC on the 14th floor — Design and construction of a new translational research center on the 16th floor 9.3 Continue to collect, publish, analyze and act on performance data 9.4 Foster strategic and data-driven decision making, and enhance transparency and accountability 9.5 Improve financial performance through increased non- taxpayer originated revenues and responsible spending using mission driven strategies

9.6 Expand philanthropic and overall development efforts that increase support for the following institution priorities: — Increasing student scholarships and programs — Capital improvements as noted in Goal 9.2 — Faculty and professional development programs — Enhancing diversity, equity and inclusion in all aspects of the College community (DIMP 2.0 – Goal 6) — Providing care for the medically underserved populations in our community 9.7 Identify new and advance existing relationships with industry leaders through meaningful partnerships, marketing and financial support 9.8 Increase positive visibility and media recognition in tristate marketplace

10 SUNY OPTOMETRY 2018–2025

2018–2025 Strategic Plan Goals

Student-Centered Experience

Enhance the student experience through programs that promote student and alumni success

Academic Excellence Deliver a dynamic curriculum that engages students and advances contemporary optometry Grow the graduate and research programs to increase the institutional impact on the advancement of knowledge and produce leaders in vision research

Service to Our Patients and Community

Deliver unparalleled care to our University Eye Center patients Provide service to the greater community

Student Success

Community and People Cultivate institutional culture that encourages a sense of community, inclusion, institutional pride, collective purpose, and shared responsibility Promote the growth and development of all members of the College community

Effective Foundational Support Attract the brightest and most motivated students with demonstrated leadership potential Provide the financial foundation, administrative support, and environment to achieve the College’s mission



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