MSCHE Evaluation Report May 2021

Team Report (Self-Study Evaluation)

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strategic plan and reflecting on their involvement in the process through Faculty and College committees, councils and assemblies. Students and staff have ready access to current news and events about the College from provided publications: a College FactBook, the 20/20 Magazine, SUNY Eye Network Newsletter with ready access to the College website. In reviewing the Self-Study and supporting evidence, it is clear that the College has linked its past endeavors to its future efforts. It also identified resources necessary to enhance, improve and promote its contribution to its primary stakeholder, the students and the community it services. As the team reviewed the College’s Self-Study and related supporting documents; such as the Assessment Plan, the Faculty Handbook, the Student Handbook, the Board of Trustees Policies, and the Diversity and Inclusion Master Plan, it is clear that the process for establishing educational and institutional outcomes have been included in planning for the future. There are strong visible signs of scholarly investigation and innovative promotion demonstrating the institution dedication to clinical research. These efforts are exemplified by the work in the Clinical Vision Research Center; the early student surveys about research interests; offering non-degree research opportunities and a Micro-Credentials Program; and offering a combined Residency/Graduate Research Degree. The nine goals with corresponding objectives address a credible approach to the present and near future concerns of the students, faculty, staff, patients and community and are consistent with its mission to Care, Lead and Advance. The nine goals described in the 2018-23 Strategic Plan and summarized in the Self-Study, are tied directly to the mission statement of the College in advancing visual health and patient care through leadership in education, research and service. Four of the goals are linked to attracting, motivating, advancing and enhancing the student experience. Two of the goals are focused on student support with a solid financial and academic base, and an environment which is safe and nurturing. Two of the goals are focused on service to the community, primarily to quality and unparalleled patient care. And the final goal is focused on the growth and development of all the members of our community which include: faculty, staff, external partnerships, the multiple communities this institution serves. The Assessment Plan dated Nov. 16, 2018, organizes the process for assessing each of the five main functional units of the College annually. The Office of Institutional Research and Planning Committee is task with assembling the Institutional key performance indicators, collecting supporting data, analyzing it and providing it to the Institutional Research and Planning Committee for review and action as needed. When deficiencies are discovered in reaching pre-established goals there is a mechanism to initiate corrective action.

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 Recognition of Accomplishments, Progress, or Exemplary/Innovative Practices o The comprehensive inclusion of all notable stakeholders in the development of the 2018-2023 Strategic Plan is noteworthy, as evident in the successful implementation of its goals and objectives.

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