MSCHE Evaluation Report May 2021

Team Report (Self-Study Evaluation)

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The College has a campus-related foundation, the Optometric Center of New York (OCNY), which is responsible for fundraising and investment of gift assets. The OCNY offsets some College salary expense and provides grants to the College for scholarships, research, and patient care. OCNY is planning events and fundraising to commemorate the College’s 50 th anniversary. A College-based Office of Institutional Advancement manages alumni affairs as well as additional fundraising, government relations, communications, and marketing. The Vice President for Institutional Advancement also serves as the Executive Director of OCNY. Human Resources The Office of Human Resources (HR) reports to the Vice President for Administration and Finance. It is responsible for local administration of human resources policies, procedures, benefit programs, and services to College employees, most of which are governed and directed by SUNY or the State of New York. The vast majority of employees are aligned with unions. Almost all salary and benefits matters are governed by the agreements; however, faculty positions follow market rates. HR maintains the College’s employment opportunities website, provides guidance to search committees in terms of position appointments and reappointments, counsels in terms of benefits and payroll, and enforces Federal laws and regulations such as ADA, FLSA, FMLA, and others. The Assistant Vice President of Human Resources also serves as a member of the senior management team. Research Foundation employees are separate and distinct, not covered by collective negotiation agreements. These positions have similar compensation and benefits as compared to University employees. The Office of Human Resources handles transactions for these employees. Information Technology Information Technology Services (ITS), led by a Chief Information Officer (CIO), reports to the Vice President for Administration and Finance. The CIO also serves as the Chief Information Security Officer. ITS provides technology support for the educational, research, clinical, and administrative functions of the College, including network management and security, enterprise services, learning management services, help desk support, classroom technologies, and other functions. ITS also manages video conference functions and maintains one of four designated University-wide Video Conferencing System sites. ITS has documented goals that support strategic objectives of the College and develops an annual action plan working with vice presidents. It can take advantage of pan-SUNY licensing options while having the flexibility to make local decisions. It manages information security, establishing firewalls and other threat protection tactics, and it participates in a SUNY-wide Security Operations Center. The team received several testimonials from faculty and students about the speed and effectiveness ITS showed in pivoting to remote operations initially and progressing through last summer. Facilities The College’s building consists of an 18-story building above ground with two floors below grade that is maintained by the Physical Plant and Maintenance unit, reporting to the

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