MSCHE Evaluation Report May 2021

Team Report (Self-Study Evaluation)

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surveys submitted by course attendees, and observations by course instructors. Evaluation of the program has led to expansion of program offerings, creation of on-line CE Programs and appropriate administrative changes. In partnership with SUNY Empire State College, the College of Optometry offers two programs that relate to the business aspect of optometry practice: The Advanced Graduate Certificate in Optometry Business Management and the Masters of Business Administration (MBA) in Health Leadership Programs. The overarching goal of these programs is to provide the skills and knowledge base to help optometrists be successful in practice and to develop the skills necessary for effective management and leadership in healthcare. Assessment tools include student enrollment, completion rate, student course evaluations, and advancement from the certificate to the MBA program. Evaluation of the Program by the Coordinator from Empire State College, the Chair of the Department of Clinical Education, Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, and members of the Office of Student Affairs has led a focus on enhancing recruitment efforts. Finally, it is important to note that the college’s assessment process is tied directly to the strategic planning process. Adjustments to the assessment process are made as part of the planning cycle. This helps to ensure that relevant education and outcomes data are collected so that the success of the strategic plan can be properly evaluated. Collegial Advice The team suggests that the College follow its own recommendations to generate more detailed and timelier data from their graduates once they are practicing professionals. The College currently collects valuable information via an OD Exit Survey and OD Alumni Survey, but the team believes more information regarding practice patterns is desirable. The College is exploring revising the current surveys and the use of a web-based system to collect information. 

Team Recommendation(s) None

Requirement(s) None

 Recognition of Accomplishments, Progress, or Exemplary/Innovative Practices o The College is to be congratulated on the use of assessment as an integral part of how it accomplishes its mission and educates both the optometry and graduate students. Robust assessment of all aspects of college operations has led to more effective problem solving, directed implementation of learning objectives, and provides a well-informed basis for the strategic five-year planning cycle.

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