MSCHE Evaluation Report May 2021

Team Report (Self-Study Evaluation)

Page 14

The College provides several examples of improvements made to the student experience resulting from assessments of support programs. Notably, the Office of Admissions annually surveys students who are accepted but who do not enroll. The College was able to leverage insights from these surveys to redesign the interview day. Likewise, the College has made significant progress in diversifying its incoming class and increasing the matriculations of underrepresented minority students. The team also confirms that student feedback is periodically obtained via multiple mechanisms including (1) pulse surveys sent to students to glean information regarding stressors, performance or other support needed, (2) post-event surveys, and (3) by directly including students on college committees and councils. Moreover, both the self-study and student interviews provided strong evidence that the student voice is well represented in College planning and that actions have been taken in response to student feedback.

Overall, the real-time interventions and the agility of the College to respond to student needs, attest to SUNY College of Optometry’s commitment to supporting their students.

Collegial Advice The College should consider opportunities to more cyclically assess the impact of the services provided. While substantial feedback is collected from students, there is an opportunity to better collect evidence of the impact of the College’s programming.

Team Recommendation(s) None

Requirement(s) None

 Recognition of Accomplishments, Progress, or Exemplary/Innovative Practices o The mental health services provided to the students by the College are exemplary. The peer mental health support, mental health app, and counselors available to students all create an environment where students can flourish. The College has created a model of mental health support that could become an exemplar to other institutions.

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