MSCHE Evaluation Report May 2021

Team Report (Self-Study Evaluation)

Page 11

curricular sequences to lessen student workload, support system established during Covid-19 Pandemic, and future of online strategies (lessons learned).

Team Recommendation(s) None

Requirement(s) None

 Recognition of Accomplishments, Progress, or Exemplary/Innovative Practices o The College has invested significantly in virtual reality, simulation training and virtual clinics and technology for human biological sciences and optometric procedures trainings to facilitate student learning opportunities due to the Covid- 19 pandemic. o Virtual office hours and tutoring support services have facilitated student learning experiences during the Covid-19 pandemic and these practices were highly praised by the students interviewed during the site visit. o The use of GAP examinations as an assessment tool of students’ individual mastery is laudable. The GAP examinations seek to improve academic advising and to help students with specific weaknesses better prepare for NBEO examinations.

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