From sight-saving to life-saving, comprehensive eye exams support the full healthcare system. Placing Priority on Patient Care

The University Eye Center (UEC) and a multitude of affiliated sites introduce students and residents to unique clinical cases and situations they may not see elsewhere. One recent example is the patient who came for an exam thinking they had eye issues, but was actually suffering from an intracranial bleed. A thorough evaluation, followed by swift identification, resulted in the patient receiving timely critical care that saved their life. Encounters such as these demonstrate the important role eye care professionals play in a complex healthcare system. A comprehensive eye exam may help detect more than 250 serious health concerns, including those that require co-management and interprofessional collaboration. Working alongside seasoned faculty members, students and residents learn to navigate these partnerships and the ever-changing healthcare landscape. Whether it is the more than 16,000 referral visits received each year; the expanding relationship with NYC Health + Hospitals, the largest public health system in the country; or forging interdisciplinary collaborations with partners like the Rebecca School for children with neurodevelopmental delays, the breadth of clinical experiences serves as a strong base for their future practice. Beyond providing exceptional eye care, optometrists and optometry practices also must be aware of the patient experience and the impact of social determinants of health. Serving a diverse patient population means accessing translation services, engaging with allied professions such as social workers, and understanding the importance of providing culturally-responsive care. Enhancements to the patient portal, an updated website, the addition

of interactive kiosks, along with expanded use of CryaCom translation services, further elevate the high-quality care provided at the UEC. With nearly 50% of the population predicted to be at risk for myopia by 2050, the newly dedicated Barbara Saltzman Center for Pediatric Eye Care is in the process of adding three new exam lanes specifically for myopia management to address the rising need. The recently built electrodiagnostic suite for the assessment of retinal and optic nerve pathologies ensures additional training opportunities for students and residents as developing technology and state-of-the-art equipment prove invaluable for delivering superb patient care.

Look for the kick-off to a full renovation of the Adult Primary Eye Care Clinic (7th floor) in 2023. Forging the Future


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